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Mobile: 07774 899712 or Landline: 01737 845 959

Welcome to the Retractable Lighting Company

We have been installing retractable lighting systems on tennis courts at schools, clubs, hotels and private houses since 1989.

Our lights are used for many applications. Children can play tennis when they get back from school in the darker months, also football, skate boarding, hockey etc.

Getting home from work on a balmy autumn evening – nothing like a game of tennis.  Or a tennis four in the evening, followed by supper.

This is all possible when you install our lights.

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Our Lighting Services

Lighting for Tennis Courts

We are able to fix onto any type of fencing posts, tubular, angle iron, or as above.

We have installations across Great Britain, in the Channel Islands, France, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, and the West Indies.

Lighting for Netball Courts

Many installations in small sports clubs and schools including St. Swithuns, Winchester, Wimbledon High School and Lavant House School near Chichester

Lighting for Manèges and Sand Schools

The lights are directional, they light the arena, not the night sky or the surrounding area. Under these lights you’ll be able to do what you want in your arena, including jumping.

 Call Us Today! Mobile: 07774 899712 or Landline: 01737 845 959

Lighting Layouts

We are able to fix onto tubular, angle iron or other. In fact we can fix to anything.

LED Lights

We now only use LED lights. They give better light, are inexpensive to run, and have a 3-year warranty.

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Evening Football?

Our telescopic floodlights for sports courts provide the perfect solution for sports illumination. We now only use LED lights, one on each retractable unit. They are 200W and so with 8 units the total usage is only 1.6kW